Secure payment

Payment process

  1.       Add to card (the customer can add the product to card) Note: when the customer clicks the product must see different product picture option and the price as well as the quantity. There will be an icon to check what is included and option to choose extended warranty and HDD. Then he can also choose to add to card or checkout for one. 
  2.       Put the quantity
  3.       Select the type of warrant if the user wants to extend (by default is one 1 year warranty) and also have option to select if want to upgrade the HDD normally is given 1 TB, and put the zip code to estimate the shipment fees including GST
  4.       Login (there are be 3 options login with Facebook or login with Celtech account or create new account.
  5.       After login then is a shipment part where the user will have to provide the name, address, city, province, zip code, phone number and email  Note: the zip code must be the same as province  Example Selangor 43300
  6.       Payment in this part the user selects the available payment methods and follows the payment procedure required by bank.
  7.       Finally confirmation email is sent to the customer

Secure payment

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Using Visa/Mastercard/Paypal

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